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Kerix Jad is headquartered in Lima, Peru.

We have representatives in New York, Mexico and Panama, and we work with strategic partners in other countries as well.


Our expert leading team represents many years of experience and a wide range of knowledge in the mining industry and other business sectors we are involved in.


Our Team

Alfredo Hurtado Chihuantito

Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Mr. Hurtado is a visionary leader with over 20 years of experience in the mining industry. He has grown Kerix Jad from a small regional mining company into a major mining consortium. A native of Cusco, Peru, Mr. Hurtado graduated from the National University of San Antonio Abad.

Andres Aquino

Chief Business Development Officer (CBDO)

Mr. Aquino has significantly expanded Kerix Jad’s global footprint and has secured strategic partnerships with his strong network of contacts in the mining, energy, finance and investment communities. Based in New York City, Mr. Aquino is a native of the Dominican Republic, and earned his BA and MA from Boston College.

David Liang

Senior Risk Manager (SRM) 

Mr. Liang has a strong analytical mind and a proven ability to communicate complex environmental, operational, financial, and regulatory risk management concepts to both technical and non-technical audiences. He is responsible for developing and implementing the Kerix Jad's global risk management framework and leads the company's enterprise risk assessment and mitigation efforts. A native of Canada, he graduated from the University of Toronto.

Roberto Piña Pérez

Mexico Representative

Mr. Piña represents Kerix Jad in its cement mining project in Mexico. He holds a degree in Veterinarian Medicine and a Master’s degree in Business Administration. He is the Business Director of H2 Construcciones, where he serves as technical director for the company’s cement projects in partnership with Asian Projects de México and Complant in Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean. 

Alfonso E. Beraun Calisto

Legal Advisor

Mr. Beraun is a lawyer with a strong background in mining law and investment project management. He graduated from Alas Peruanas University with a degree in law and specialized in Mining Investment Project Management at the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos. He also holds a specialization in Mining and Environmental Law from Alas Peruanas University.

Cesar Alfredo Malpartida García

Legal Advisor

Mr. Malpartida is a lawyer for Kerix Jad with a specialization in civil business law and international law in foreign trade. He is a graduate of Antenor Orrego University and the Foreign Trade Center of the Chamber of Commerce of the Piemonte Region in Italy, two of the most prestigious institutions in their respective fields.

Marco Antonio Montalvo

Member, Board of Directors

Mr. Montalvo is an electrical engineer and a graduate of San Antonio Abad University of Cusco. He has extensive experience in the mining field and is General Manager of Montalvo Ingenieros SAC, in charge of developing mining works and projects.

Percy Edilberto Silva García

Member, Board of Directors

Mr. Silva is an economist and a graduate of San Antonio Abad University of Cusco. He holds a postgraduate degree in Finance from the Catholic University of Peru. He also pursued specialization studies in Administration, Public Investment Projects, Regional Development Planning, Formulation and Evaluation of Agroindustrial Projects at San Antonio Abad University of Cusco.

Mirlet Carpio Hermoza

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) 

Ms. Carpio Hermoza’s strong communications skills play a key role in Kerix Jad’s interactions with clients, collaborators, and local communities. She has experience in water and mining projects. Ms. Carpio Hermoza studied at the National University of San Antonio Abad in Cusco.

Jose Carlos Miras

Panama Representative

Graduate in Business Administration and originally from Lorca-Spain. Tireless entrepreneur, he has dedicated more than 30 years to developing and improving new projects in the real estate, technological and financial sectors. Always in search of excellence in processes and the application of technology, he has highlighted the development of innovative real estate projects in Spain and Panama. That experience has led him in recent years to dedicate himself to the world of startup consulting, finance and technology. Advising new ventures and companies in their processes implementation, growth and opening of new markets.

Image by Dominik Vanyi
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