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Explore Kerix Jad’s latest projects.


On the horizon of the Pacific Ocean, a titan of trade is rising. Development of the largest Pacific Ocean deep-water port in South America is in progress.


The Corio Port megaproject, majorly owned by Kerix Jad, is forging a new path for South America's economic future. This monumental undertaking will culminate in the largest Pacific Ocean deep-water port, capable of hosting the world's largest container ships.  The port is expected to significantly boost trade between Peru and Asia, and the port's surrounding countries. It is estimated to generate thousands of new jobs, revitalizing local economies and attracting an influx of investment. By facilitating the seamless flow of goods and services, Corio will pave the way for deeper economic ties, fostering international collaboration and amplifying South America's presence in the global market. 


Water Purification

Kerix Jad is committed to improving mining communities by providing them with access to purified, high-quality drinking water. Children who have access to clean water are healthier and learn better. Healthy adults are more productive and can live more fulfilling lives. Water is also essential for agriculture and animal husbandry. In addition to water, we also support mining communities by building hospitals, schools, and roads. We provide training and housing, and we work to improve energy access. For instance, of our most focused projects is a cooperation agreement with the provincial municipality of Chumbivilcas in Peru. We are striving together to implement a pumping system and water purification plant for human consumption in the town of Santo Tomás, the capital of Chumbivilcas province in the Cusco region. This project will provide clean, safe drinking water to over 10,000 people. It will improve their health, their quality of life, and their economic opportunities.

Central Bank Digital Currency Initiative

RTCore Inc. Partners with XUSD Blockchain and Kerix Jad to Launch CBDC Initiatives Throughout Africa, Latin America, and Asia

CoreBanking and Realtime Payments Vendor RTCore Forges Alliance with Kerix Jad and XUSD Blockchain Holdings to Revolutionize CBDC Pilots in Africa, Latin America, and Asia.

"We are not just mining for gold, we are mining for change." These are the words of Kerix Jad, who alongside ICTS Trust, is weaving a tapestry of change that spans diverse sectors. From green fuel and energy to water purification, their efforts are leaving a lasting impact on mining communities.

Recognizing the critical need for financial inclusion in underserved communities, Jad and ICTS Trust are leveraging XUSD Blockchain Holding LLC to bring the power of banking to those who lack basic access. This innovative move empowers individuals and communities, fostering financial stability and growth.

"We are thrilled to be a part of this groundbreaking project," stated Alfredo Hurtado, CEO of Kerix Jad SAC. "This collaboration will not only solidify Kerix Jad's position as a leader in the use of technological innovation, but also fuels our growth and empowers our unwavering commitment to keeping selected metal and mineral resources within their native countries, while leveraging their value to drive local economic development improving the lives of miners, their communities, and the nations they serve.”


"This unprecedented three-party cooperation marks a significant milestone in the CBDC landscape," remarked Andres Aquino, CBDO of Kerix Jad SAC. "Kerix Jad's unwavering support for XUSDP 2.0, coupled with RTCore's unique expertise and vision for CBDC solutions, will undoubtedly pave the way for successful CBDC launches across the target regions. Kerix Jad SAC will also utilize XUSDP 2.0 in its business transactions, further solidifying the integration of this revolutionary hybrid stablecoin".


Kerix Jad is working with our green energy partners on several important initiatives in Latin America utilizing advanced hydrogen technology: green electricity, green heating, green microgrids and hydrogen powered vehicles. A Green Microgrid consists of green energy generation and storage that can power a building, campus, or community independently of the traditional aging macro electric grid.

Autonomous Green Microgrids are innovative energy solutions for areas with historically unavailable energy due to geography, weather and other reasons They also reduce the high cost of electricity and heating energy, and vehicle fuel, as they continually harvest free green energy from the environment with zero emissions.

Image by Jonny Caspari
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